Reproduction Antique Fireplaces

Thornhill Galleries is a manufacturer of antique fireplaces for over a century and it is a businesses passed down to generations that has built a name for itself in the modern world. Exceptional bespoke antique fireplaces manufactured by fine craftsmen out of handpicked raw materials such as marble, wood or stone are installed by Thornhill Galleries in the United Kingdom and delivered to mainland Europe and across the world. You can make your own selection and have your pick at what model and style of antique fireplace you want to install in your home with the help of the Thornhill Galleries consultants that are ready to work with the design team, architects and everyone involved in your project to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.
The majority of our stock is viewable on our website, so this is normally a good place to start. Alternatively please give us a call or pay us a visit to discuss your requirements and take a look at our fireplace and accessories in our showroom. We can offer expert advice on the whole selection process – taking in account style, proportions, and other practical and logistical considerations. We would be happy to suggest the appropriate metalwork from our fine selection of firegrates, firedogs, fenders and firetools, to compliment the style and elegance of your chosen fireplace.